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Antonio PintoMaker@toze · CEO, TVShow Time
Hi, I'm Antonio, co-founder of TVShow Time. We're launching today a total revamp of our iPhone and Android app: more beautiful, more simple and more social. TVShow Time is a TV show tracker. What makes it unique is our integrated meme editor. Instead of commenting their episode with text, people do it with memes they create right from the app. 6000 memes are created every week on TVShow Time – by 1% of our 500k MAU. With this revamp, we are introducing a Feed that features the best ones related to the latest episodes you've watched – so no spoilers. In the near future, it will also feature articles (like episode reviews) coming from external blogs we are partnering with. This is really great if you don't watch your shows live. The related content comes to you when it should – after you've watched the episode. In short: TVShow Time becomes the place to go after your episodes. Let me know what you think. I'll be around to reply to all your questions!
Jp Valery@jpvalery · Customer Success @ LANDR / Ex-Gameloft
Although it's in French, this article will give you an idea of TV Show Time processes : The author is @maxime Valette (founder of FML among other sweet things) and he explains how they behaved far from nicely. I'm disappointed to see that company featured on PH.
Antonio PintoMaker@toze · CEO, TVShow Time
@jpvalery that was a long time ago (facts are from January 2014) and nothing like that ever happened again since then.
Jp Valery@jpvalery · Customer Success @ LANDR / Ex-Gameloft
@toze Does that change the fact that you behaved wrongly ? And that you built a service on the edge of legality ? Even now, creating memes from intellectual property without consents of the rights holder seems to be copyright infringement IMHO. So yeah, that article might be from last year, but it seems that in the mean time you didn't learn your lesson and keep developing your company without caring about the legal frame.
Antonio PintoMaker@toze · CEO, TVShow Time
@jpvalery I'm actually in talks with Warner here in France and they have no problem with our usage of the pictures.
Julien ChaumondHiring@julien_c · CTO at Hugging Face
I've been a happy user for a long time. The new app looks great so far. Way to go Antonio and team!
Arthur Swiniarski@aswiniarski · product and prototypes @
Cool update guys! Love the new focus :)
Antonio PintoMaker@toze · CEO, TVShow Time
@aswiniarski thanks!
Rémi Fayolle@remifayolle · UX/UI Designer at Batch
Hey, Great update! Just a little feedback : On the Agenda and the Watchlist tab, I have a lot of series/episodes I don't watch anymore. Going on each tv show page can be boring. It could be very useful to have an interaction (swipe or long tap) to Archive/Delete a tv show directly from here or a page to manage easily all the tv shows.
Antonio PintoMaker@toze · CEO, TVShow Time
@remifayolle yep good idea. adding this to the todo list :)