tvOS Design

Showcasing Apple TV tvOS designs & patterns.

Thanks for the makers. Right now I just keep browsing the ATV4 App Store looking for new patterns. I hope this resource grows.
@bradenhamm Thanks Braden! Planning on getting a few shots up every day. Would love any app suggestions! :)
Hi Braden, Well done. This is a great resource. Our Apple TV App called "Business Blueprint" was launched in the first week of opening and it streams business education videos 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Feel free to check it out and add screenshots to your site if you like it. Take care, Dale
Thanks all. Hoping to keep updating this as more apps hit the App Store. I built this out on Saturday afternoon after my internet went down. Everything was done via my phone hotspot until it came back online later in the evening. The biggest trigger to build it was the domain being available and not finding anything similar that focuses just on tvOS. :)
This is great. Creating good UX for the TV is actually extremely unique (and difficult). I'm glad to have a resource for inspiration when I get stuck.
@claudesutterlin Thanks Claude. Glad to help out. Would love any app suggestions you might have! :)