Find the restaurants from your favorite foodie TV shows.

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Thanks Steve! Hi, I'm the creator of the website/apps TVFoodMaps. Today we launched our brand new mobile apps for iOS and Android. Lots of new features like integrated TV Listings (find out what shows/restaurants are on TV and when), alerts (get notified when restaurants are on TV or nearby) and vacation/road trip planning. The site was created so that food lovers and travelers could always find that restaurant they drooled over on TV a few weeks ago without have to search multiple websites. The site/apps are developed and maintained by me and my brother who both love food, travel and technology. Speaking of technology, some of you might be interested to know that the apps are built 100% using Appcelerator/Titanium. Any questions/comments or feedback is greatly appreciated.
@fsa317 This is a great app! Always on the look out for restaurants seen on Food Network and Travel Channel and this is really useful when it comes to finding all those places. Have you thought about utilizing influencer marketing to help promote the app?
@therealkofi Sort of, we've reached out to many of the stars of the shows. Unfortunately there is a bit of a conflict of interest as many of the individual shows have their own sites showing the restaurants.
Cool app and website where you can find the restaurants from your favorite foodie shows.
congrats on the launch @fsa317! what inspired you to make create this? where are you right now as a business?
@eriktorenberg So my brother and I are frequent business travelers and love food (and food TV). As we travel to new cities for business or pleasure we'd often want to visit the restaurants we saw on TV shows (like Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Man v. Food, etc). Most of the websites for these shows/networks dont make it that easy to find restaurants and plan trips. That's where the idea for TVFoodMaps came from, basically a way for us to not miss out on restaurants we saw on TV. As a business, our website traffic has been growing steadily but we wanted a mobile app that was of a high quality so we just released our 4.0 version of the app that we think is much better than previous versions. Now that we feel that the core capabilities of the site and app are up to par we are exploring other options for monetizing the site beyond advertising. We'd like to work with the restaurants themselves to find a way to help them keep the "bump" they get from their restaurant airing on TV. We're also looking for other partners in the travel industry that would benefit from our content. We're always open for ideas, suggestions and feedback.
This looks like it will be a great resource! Going to download and see how it goes. You mention working with restaurants, and I would definitely love to hear how this goes, as one of my projects will be looking to do the same.
@dswiese Thanks. We are still at the very early stages of trying to figure out what service we can provide businesses/restaurants. We are always happy to chat if you'd like to check-in with where we are on this in the future. Thanks.
@fsa317 Will do! Good luck. I am hoping to launch my app soon, also in the foodie space.
Very nice app!! I will be on the lookout for featured restaurants in my area!
@brentonhouse Thanks, One of the more useful features is that you can add a city/area to "My Cities", then we'll send you a push notification if a restaurant from that city is on TV. This way you can tune in to the episode featuring a restaurant on TV. FYI - that feature requires are premium upgrade :-)