Get your encrypted mailbox for free.

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Why isn't it getting more up votes - maybe because it was launched here a long time ago before things started hopping? It's free and then for 1€ per month you can use your own domain.

Have been using for about 4 months now, so I think it's closer to say a year than a month (12/3 vs 1*4). Tutanota fits my bill, and I like it's minimal design and cheap pricing. However I would be happier to pay more and let them know that as often as I can.


- Clean, user friendly UI

- Encrypted email (aka yes you can talk with your ProtonMail buddies)

- Open source web client

- Cheap as!


- They're seriously undercharging (1€ / month for this kind of service seems unsustainable)

- No desktop interface

- No Card/CalDav support

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@jamesscaur Desktop & Card/CalDav support are coming next year :-)