Turtle Timer

Never be interrupted by non-urgent SMS again! (Android)

Thanks @_JackSmith for the hunt! Hey everyone! Im a university student and created this app on my free time. Turtle Timer is an app that when the timer is activated, it puts your phone on "Do not Disturb mode". If a person is on turtle timer's Contact List and sends you a text message, they will receive a selected automated message and instruction on how to contact you. If they text you the keyword "EMERGENCY", it will turn on your ringer (or vibrate/silent). Note: - There's a contact list integrated in the turtle timer app, so you can adjust who you want to receive automated message / ignore without affecting your actual phone book. I'm here to answer any questions and open up to suggestions on improving the app! Since it is being hunted, i'll have a promotion offer ($2 -> free) until Monday 5:00pm PST. Hope the product helps someone (: Thank you guys!
Like it, nice app