A Responsive Front-end Framework for accessible websites

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Hey! Turret is a front-end framework we use at http://bigfish.tv for our web projects. It started as some basic form/button styles and utility mixins. Since then it's extended to cover all native HTML 5 elements providing a responsive and styled base. The third iteration was released last week, have a play and let me know what you think. Always looking for feedback!
I stumbled upon Turret this morning and the clean design of the website caught my eye (something that rarely happens when I'm looking for front-end stuff) I didn't get the chance to try it but if you did, I would be happy to hear your feedbacks. Might use Turret for my next side project :)
@ldesserrey Hm, yes, why?
@syswarren great way to design custom responsive website without coding. That's what I used for justleak.it and snapchatters.co among others. Let u build website really quickly. That's the aim of Turret right? :)
@ldesserrey @syswarren not exactly. The philosophy behind Turret is to focus on semantic & accessible HTML 5 markup. Turret is a base for website creation, a toolkit for building upon.
I guess i can safely throw away bootstrap for all my products and use Turret from now.! :)
@h_halvi haha. Depends on the scale of your projects. Minimised and GZipped there is comparatively little difference in the payload of Bootstrap and Turret. Bootstrap still has a much larger contribution base with more regular updates. So I guess use whatever suits your project best, I don't want to advocate any anti-bootstrap vibes :)
Hey! The link here is broken. I believe that this is where the site now lives? http://turretcss.com/