Live & shared playlists 🎶 made simple ✅

With TurnUp, everyone’s music is centralized in a unique shared playlist.
🎷 Every participant can add musics.
🎸 Every participant can vote for songs.
🎻 Every participant can vote to skip the current song.
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Hello Product Hunters! I worked on this application called TurnUp. I hope it can be useful to some of you. 🤔 Problem There is a real struggle when I am at a party and someone else is playing music on his device. First, If I want to be the one playing the next music, I can either unplug his device from the speakers or I can search for my music on his smartphone. Second, I have to ensure that the transition goes smoothly so I have to wait for the end of the current track to play a new one to avoid breaking the atmosphere It would be awesome if anyone at a party could log in the same "room" and start adding their favorite music. 🔥 Solution I developed TurnUp with these problems in mind. TurnUp allows you to create and share playlist with others. The host is plugged in to the speakers and the guests can be anyone else in the room. Everyone can add musics, upvote for songs to reorganize the playlist and vote to skip the current song. It is designed to be extremely easy to use. I like the idea that a user can join a playlist in almost 1 click. This is why there is no need: - To install a native app - To provide an email address - To have a premium streaming music account. I would love to get feedbacks from you. Let me know if you have any questions.
Smooth journey!!
Awesome! I will definitely use this at the next party I organise! It pulls music from YouTube so I'm pretty sure all the songs my guests want to hear are available. 😜
@timotheejeannin That's the idea ! Thanks Timothée for your comment!
Great and simple app ! Congrats
Thank you for the comment Mael! See you around :)
love the design and the simplicity that come with it 👍
@stevenyung That's the goal of this version. :) Thank you for the comment, Steven !