Walk & run to capture your city. Runkeeper meets Foursquare.

Hi everyone! I’m Vik, a co-founder of Turfly. We’ve been working on Turfly since mid-June, and released to the app store recently. Our beta users love Turfly so much that they have been going far out of their way to capture new turf. We have some big updates planned (including an android version -- you can sign up for it at www.turf.ly). Welcome any comments and feedback.
How soon till the android version is released?
@jleebiz I'm a heavy android user, so this is high on my list. As soon as we finalize the feature set and produce a version that we think captures all of our vision on iOS, we will start working on an android version. My rough guess is a few months, with a beta coming earlier.
Hey @VikParuchur! Sound fun, just downloaded it and will give it a try! How did you map/design the turf area?
@SoleneMa do you mean the size of the turfs? They're sized to approximately the time it takes to walk across in 2 min or run across in 1 min.
I've been beta testing Turfly, and it's awesome(except for the fact no one has tried it where I live :D). In cities, however, it makes you go for that run everyday. Nice job @VikParachuri!
@tarans22 Thanks, Taran! We have some awesome stuff coming soon for beta users :)
This is awesome! :-) What does the userbase look like right now? Urbanites? Youngsters? Does it only capture low-speed movements like walking? If you just drive through an area, I assume you're not capturing turf?
@jackhoge Thanks, Jack! Mostly urbanites now, but the age is actually pretty scattered. It uses a combination of GPS and the accelerometer (and the M7 chip in the 5s) to determine motion. Right now we support walking and running, and hope to support biking soon. Driving doesn't get you turf.