Turf.ly for Apple Watch

Win turf on your watch as you run or walk

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Thanks for hunting this @rogerdickey! Your Mafia Wars was an inspiration. :) Hey Product Hunters! Good to finally get here! If don't already know Turf.ly, we're all about making exercise fun. Turf.ly makes your everyday walks and runs into a competitive game of territory building. Now, after five months, three redesigns, two agencies (thx: @raizlabs + @trygigster) and one driven sense of purpose, we are bringing the first real-time route tracking experience to Apple Watch. With Turf.ly for Apple Watch you can: 1. Start in Turfing mode to tag turfs on the map, rack up points and turfs 2. Watch animations to celebrate each point 3. Switch to Running mode: time, distance and live speed overlay 5. Switch to Navigate mode to find your way around a new part of town 6. Auto day/night mode to maintain high readability 7. Never have to remember to hit start/stop tracking – it's all automatic, and without running down your battery. Besides the fun part, it's also a serious exercise and running tool. We talked to dozens of runners who use Runkeeper, Strava and Nike+ for both iPhone and Apple Watch, and the top request (after tether-free GPS) was to be able to see the map of their run in real-time, without having to pull out their phone. People said the map is a core motivational driver to keep going the distance and eases anxiety in new cities or places. Download directly from iTunes: **http://app.turf.ly** (free) Remember: motivate yourself, your friends and neighbors by competing against them on Turf.ly. Find them by email or look for "nearby turfers". Any feedback would be awesome, and your support is hugely appreciated!
Been playing Turf.ly here in Boston for a few months. The new watch app makes the whole experience real-time and even more fun. Good battery life in this new version too!
Turfly is super fun. I challenge any PHunter to try and takeover my territory in the Presidio :) (I'm having a harder time defending my turf down by my office on 2nd street.) Cool to see they have a new Apple Watch app!
@sailornathan once I get an Apple Watch, IT'S ON.
@rrhoover watch out for @cmak near your office...
I was a Turfly beta tester for iOS, I wish I had an Apple Watch to try this out.
looks good