Get an email when someone unfollows you on Twitter

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Davide Santangelo
@daviducolo · senior developer
Hi there Product Hunters! I just released a new version, with the ability to delete the account (sad), stylesheet fixing and donate page :). Thanks at all
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Bogomil Shopov -Bogo
@bogomep · Products. Agile. Analytics. Beer.
Why Why Why you would like to do that to yourself?
Davide Santangelo
@daviducolo · senior developer
Hi there Product Hunters! I'm Davide Santangelo the creator of TUNS. It is just a simple twitter unfollower notification service. I started the this project just for fun. Tell me what do you think and try it...it's nice :).
Dan Hough
@basicallydan · Developer, Marvel – London
This looks really useful, but here are the permissions that it requires: - Read Tweets from your timeline. - See who you follow, and follow new people. - Update your profile. - Post Tweets for you. I can understand reading tweets and seeing who I follow, but why "Update your profile" and "Post Tweets for you"? If there's a perfectly legitimate reason, plea… See more
Franz Dumfart
@vogrim · Author
Great Davide! We've launched a similar service to track unfollowers on Behance. Check it out: https://unfollowhance.com/
Alin Vlad
@amvlad · CMO, CognitiveSEO & BrandMentions
I think this could work great, when integrated with Zapier/Ifttt. Idea: Automatically tweet to the unfollower a "Sorry to see you go" message + a funny sad gif.