Expose localhost to the internet with a public URL

Spend more time building and less time waiting for deploys. Quickly demo a web app, API, or backend running on localhost to anyone in the world with a public .tunnelto.dev URL. 100% open source, built in Rust. Use our free hosted version @ tunnelto.dev
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Hi PH! It's crucial to be able to test your website, app, or backend server as if it were in production, but the existing tools don't cut it. We built tunnelto.dev to solve this problem as both a free service (hosted by us) and an open source project ( that you can host yourself). Tunnelto.dev makes it trivial to expose localhost over the public internet via an easy-to-share URL. Tunnelto.dev makes it easy to: - quickly demo or test a web app running on your local machine from anywhere - debug web-hook integrations like for Slack or Stripe - test an API backend for mobile apps on live devices Both the tunnelto.dev CLI and server are open source on GitHub so there's no vendor lock-in. Perfect for use in the enterprise when you can't breach the corporate network. Tunnelto.dev is free even with customized sub-domains. We only charge a small monthly fee if you want to reserve specific domains for yourself. Thank you!
@alexgrinman time to publish intro at hackernoon
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This is amazing, something I have struggled with many times to get an idea running on a cloud platform can take me more time and effort than necessary. Can't wait to use this.
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@spabba Let us know if you have any questions or comments :)
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Simple straightforward solution, thanks for sharing!
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@suibinhong Thanks for checking us out! Let us know if you have any questions or comments :)
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Super useful tool! I love that it’s open source and self-hostable unlike other products in this space. Also picking the subdomain manually means I don’t have to change my slack webhook every time I relaunch tunnelto
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Wow, zero to 1 ..real quick.
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