Tunnel Vision

See your next Trello tasks every time you open a browser tab

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"If you plan to vote for Trump you are not allowed to use this extension. I'm building a wall around my products keeping idiots out." Haha, well done
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@bertwitt that singlehandedly sold me on the product.
@marckohlbrugge @bertwitt ahah I love the 'concept'. However, oddly enough, you might be no longer eligible for VC money from Peter Thiel :D (I'm still boggled by that. Why does he support him? oh well)
@joantune @bertwitt Oh shit there go my chances!
👋 hunters, super excited to share Tunnel Vision with you today. I'm a huge fan of Trello and we use it a ton at BetaList, but I've always struggled with keeping an overview of what's happening across all the different boards and what tasks I should be working on. That's when I came up with the idea of creating a global overview of all the different boards we use and just showing the 'next available' card for every project. That way for each project/area I know what to work on next. Initially I created a one-pager website, but @levelsio suggested I turn it into a browser extension which makes a lot more sense considering I could replace the 'new tab' page with it. This way every time you open a new browser tab, you get a reminder of what tasks to work on. That's how Tunnel Vision was born. Please give it a try and let me know what you think! This is my first ever browser extension 😁 🙌 Major shout out to the 48 beta testers testing early versions of the extension and providing extensive feedback. Tunnel Vision truly wouldn't be the same without it. With 48 people it's a bit much to call you out individually here, but you know who you are. Happy to answer any questions and would love to get everyone's feedback!
Oh and thanks @bentossell for suggesting to create a homepage. Initially I just wanted to rely on the Chrome Web Store page, but in hindsight that probably wouldn't be such a great idea as these pages are rather bland and don't convey much personality. In case anyone's interested you can get a behind-the-scenes look at me creating the page in one afternoon: https://twitter.com/marckohlbrug...
@marckohlbrugge @levelsio you're welcome for testing and thank you for indulging my feedback. This is something @michaelpryor and @liz_hall1 should see :)
Thanks! @milann! @michaelpryor @liz_hall1 Big fan of Trello here! Obviously. Would love to hear your thoughts on Tunnel Vision. If you think it's relevant to your users, a mention in your newsletter would be great of course 😁
@marckohlbrugge You're welcome for testing Marc, l'm glad that I have already been able to use Tunnel Vision for a while 😁
@fishsander Thanks for your feedback Sander!
I either have very bad timing or we just crashed Trello's servers: http://trellostatus.tumblr.com
Tunnel Vision caches your cards so it should still show your todo's if it was able to connect before Trello went down. It will automatically refresh the cache when the API is available again.
Excellent use of cats 👌
Easily my favourite implementation of a chrome new tab extension in a long time. 18 months back I co-made FlashTabs (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) with a similar emphasis on focussing on something productive. New tabs are a part of our every day flow, appearing so many times. Using that to bring focus on the task list, genius. Very nice @marckohlbrugge 👏
@fredrivett Thanks Fred! I think there's a lot of untapped potential for 'new tab' extensions, as it's something users see dozens of times throughout the day. FlashTabs looks great too. Wish I could have multiple 'new tab'-replacements. #anotheridea #rotatethroughdifferentnewtabextensions
@marckohlbrugge Totally agree, there's definitely a lot of potential with the new tabs. It's prime real estate, and bringing focus back when the new tab is one of the key actions of a procrastinator is very nice.