Chat with people who are listening to the same song

Chat with people who are listening to the same song right now.
It's a unique way to meet new people, enjoy music together and connect with people who share similar music taste.
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Hi everyone, I have been building various side-projects during the past years, finally built the courage to launch something here. The MVP of TuneMeet was actually built in just three days. Of course, it's been polished and improved slightly since. Constantly iterating is something I love, and the ability to quickly iterate is definitely one of the advantages of being solo founder/developer. We decided to start with only Spotify as it has a large userbase, and the API had all the tools needed for this. The Spotify API was also easy to integrate with. Planning to explore and integrate other services later on, such as YouTube, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. All feedback is welcome, as we are still in the early days. Especially looking for feedback on the user experience, and thoughts on how to make it more engaging. Thank you, hope you enjoy it and meet new friends!
That's cool! I love music and I'm a big fan of finding original new ways to integrate the Spotify API. Congratulations on the launch!
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@eliesing Thank you, I'm glad to hear you like it!