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Discover🔎 curated Youtube videos 24/7

Tuned Rocks is a curated, non-stop streaming Youtube video discovery platform. Browse our curated channels, find new videos and creators, but don't forget: enjoy responsibly!

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Hey Product Hunt Community, Proud to introduce you Tuned Rocks, which is a curated Youtube video discovery platform, made by Ivan🇺🇦 & me🇫🇮. Enjoy a 24/7 experience of our Product Hunt Kitten Special😻 http://tuned.rocks/tv/PL_JNljaAQ... beautiful time lapse 🌅 compilations http://tuned.rocks/tv/PL_JNljaAQ... best of Coachella 🎉 http://tuned.rocks/music/PLjEqPW... your daily dose of GaryVee 💪 http://tuned.rocks/vlogs/adab1f0... and many more 💫 💯
Very Sleek Design! Good Job!
@hashimlokasher thanks for the support🤘
Good job! Great design and easy to use. Love the Vlog collections.
Thanks @bence_borbely1, we're happy you like it😊
Awesome stuff, congrats! BTW what's the source of the videos?
@cassandra_beaulieu The videos are curated and imported from Youtube - the ads are Youtube ads, so the original creator and Youtube get the revenue the same way they would do with a shared video anywhere else on the internet.
Clicking on play buttons on cards doesn't work with adblocker on.
@tiborsaas Thanks for reporting, we're checking this issue out.