A new app for couples, by Facebook.

Tuned is a private digital space for couples to create, save and celebrate artifacts of their relationship. Tuned was designed to help couples creatively express love, share their moods, exchange music, and build a scrapbook of special moments.
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Great, let's give zuck more data
@mos_honorablesan More? He has it all already ;P
The logo gives me ping pong vibes. 🤔
@rrhoover omg! I can't unsee that
@rrhoover I thought Pong. Definitely.
@rrhoover covid-19 distancing logo🤔
A couple in a relationship have lots of plans. Plans to build a home, buy expensive stuff, white goods for home, weddings, etc ... all in all spending to the tune of 100,000's $$$. The private conversations of couples contain more 'ad-worthy' material than your regular status messages on fb.
Remember kids, when you're not paying, you are the product.
The developer name of this app in the App Store is "NPE Team". It says a lot that Facebook can't use its own name as the author of new apps, because of the negative connotation of its brand.
@aarnadlr It's the beginning of the end for facebook - instagram is their only hope