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This is probably the biggest update to Tumblr in a long time. I'm curious how Tumblr bloggers (is that what we're supposed to call them?) will use this. One-to-one messaging is very different from its core broadcast medium. How do you expect people to use this, @davidkarp, @coultonvento, @mb, and team?
@rrhoover The one thing I know about Tumblr users after having been there for a while is that they always do surprising things with the product. I’m especially curious how smaller subcommunities like role-players and fandoms will take to this product. For so many, this is something they’ve been asking for forever.
This could be awesome. Reminds me of Babblr (a chrome extension that let you message your friends on Tumblr). They had something like 200k+ signups from a demo video they posted on tumblr.
I'm a larger than normal tumblr blogger (500k followers, and 20million notes a month) with a few of my blogs (main one is http://macleod.tumblr.com/ ) , and this is absolutely wonderful. The community is excited, and have been asking for this since it's inception. It's a great addition and I can't wait to see the creative ways people will use this.
@mxsawyer I'd like to see some features kind of like how Line does it. There's a Mashable account on Line and I get messages from there featuring the best articles.
Tumblr moving in right way
This sounds really fun. I do a daily photo blog from my walks to and from work and I never really post any context. Some of my friends say they want to know more about the pictures and I'd be happy to tell them but don't know their questions so don't write anything in the description. This could be really fun for me to talk to people who are curious about my pictures! (shameless photo blog plug http://calpinebushsutter.tumblr....)