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James Zagorski
Product Director, Tuggboat.com
Aren’t you tired of having that crummy gmail or ymail address? Isn’t ali@thegreatest.rocks more inspiring than ali_236@aol.com? Doesn’t hclinton@myownserver.email show a great deal more initiative and cunning then hill_and_bill@hotmail.com? Aren’t you more interested in kimmyk@selfiequeen.me then kimmyk_123@ymail.com ? A great email address is the perfect opportunity to; - Make a great impression: miket@baseballmvp.email - Show some pride donald@whatdoyouthinkofmenow.email - Inspire support for a cause bbarker@savethewhales.email Tuggboat provides great email addresses, and there are lots of reasons to use our service: - Fun. If you think we had fun coming up with the email addresses listed above, you should have seen the list of addresses we threw away. - Family. It’s so much easier to share an email address with your family. Instead of one person in your family trying to manage everyone’s email address, let Tuggboat do the work. Everyone can sign in with their own account, and manage their own email. - Security. The evil doers on the internet need 3 pieces of information to hack into your email: Your service provider, your username, and your password. When you give out a gmail, ymail or other email address, you are giving out 2/3 of this information. With a Tuggboat, this information is hidden. Thieves don’t know where to start, and haven’t a clue about your username. - Fast and Easy. Once Tuggboat confirms availability of your email address, you are one click away from subscribing to our service. This is the fastest and easiest way to get a great email address...NOW. There are 100 Billion emails sent every day. Use Tuggboat to have your email address stand out from the crowd, to inspire, to show off, to be safe.
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