Cast web videos & music from your phone to your TV wirelesly

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A few thoughts about the app and my motivation to put it here :) 0) There is a nice offer for Product Hunters on their website just today :) 1) Automatically discovers any connected TV around using DLNA/UPnP. As long as the TV and phone are on the same Wi-Fi network, it’s a cinch. 2) Tubio is an app that allows you to search web videos and audio on the screen of your phone and stream them to TV over-the-air. 3) It's efficient: press a button and it streams. Chromecast, Apple TV, etc. all cost more, require setup, dongles and cables, and have hiccups. But Tubio supports them too. 4) You can still multitask on your phone while the selected video streams to TV. I.E. take calls, check on Facebook, write e-mails or just turn off your phone screen. I am sure you will have some more questions and I will try to invite the maker to join and answer them as well.
Hi @Bogomep, I may be missing something but I don't get the difference with AirPlaying/ChromeCasting through the youtube app (or safari) ?
@aswiniarski You can play ANY video, not just the one from youtube. And, you don't need another device like Apple TV or Chromecast
It says it's free today only. But there's an in-app purchase for more than 10 streams. So does the app normally cost money for only 10 streams, plus an IAP for more? Or is there a way to get the IAP for free too?
@bradenhamm the offer was for the premium version (IAP) of the new Tubio for Web on Google Play. Trial mode you are talking about is a characteristic of the Tubio for YouTube which supports only YouTube. We are currently working on Tubio for Web for iOS. Hopefully it will be launched later this year.
Hello @aswiniarski. You don't need Chromecast and/or Apple TV to cast video and audio. This is the major advantage of Tubio. The app supports connected TVs using DLNA/UPnP.
I can’t play subtitles while using tubio on iPhone plz help on the procedure