Tinder for YouTube music

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I love this. Is there a specific part of youtube that the news and discover sections are pulling from? Would be awesome to do discovery by genre as well.
@melissagoblue thanks for the kind words! news are automatically generated by billboard hot 100 charts; we are actually working on genres and search filters, so that it will be easier to discover new music in a specific section, like f.e. club, hip hop, jazz, etc.
Check out this great app called TubeLike and Discover new Music by Hot or Not. Try it out today and the best part is that it is 100% Free to use!
@jaxonkstevens Thanks for hunting TubeLike! :) TubeLike is the fastest way on iOS to discover new music by Hot or Not (Tinder Style). At the same time it is easy to manage the YouTube Music Library by Playlists and Favorite Videos. TubeLike turns YouTube into an advanced Music Player with a simple UI / UX. Try it out, it's free :) I'll be here to answer all your questions and also responding to feedback and feature requests. Cheers, Alin
Looks neat! Congrats on the release! :)
I really like your app - play songs from YouTube in a loop when the iPhone is locked - that's freakin' awesome! Just one thing, is there a possibility to add a song from the main overview to my playlist? I guess that could be very useful when browsing through the list.
@kriebernegg surely, just swipe from right to the left on the video and then you can add it by "+" to your preferred playlist :)
Just downloaded TubeLike. Congrats... Great product!