Spotify meets YouTube, for free

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How do I import Spotify playlists? :)
@liamtjoa next feature maybe? thanks for your feedback Liam!
Hey guys, this is my personal music app. Use it to discover music and explore youtube music videos. Hope you like it!
@lucadimola well played gg. looks great.
Time to get rid of Spotify? This is a perfect mix of YouTube and Spotify
Wow, this is really well done! big ups, no way youtube and spotify will let this thing survive though.....
A bit glitchy, but I'm really enjoying it so far. @lucadimola Is all the music coming from Youtube? At what quality level are these being played? Great job on the app.
@rhaphazard Hey Juil, thank you! Quality depends on your internet connection speed, exactly like on youtube!
@lucadimola Does playing the video in the browser prevent it from playing higher quality music on a slower connection? Any plans to implement keyboard shortcuts?