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Quick London Underground status on your iPhone & Apple Watch

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David Barker
David BarkerMaker@dvyio · Designer / developer
Hello Product Hunters! Thanks to @danlev for posting my new project. I wanted a really quick way to check the status of the London Underground, both on my iPhone and my shiny new Apple Watch. I know there are other transit/routing/status apps out there (Citymapper is great, for example), but Tube Watch tries to do one thing in the best way possible. It reduces the number of taps you need to see the lines statuses (it's right there at app launch), and it launches super quickly. On my iPhone 6 Plus I typically go from the app being completely closed to refreshed statuses in under a second. The companion Watch app has detailed status notes, as well as a Glance for quickly checking which lines have issues (along with their severity). If anyone has any suggestions, I'm really interested to hear them! Thanks.
Zac Davies
Zac Davies@zacdavies · Customer Success Manager @ Mentorloop
Looks like Citymapper does this for free
David Barker
David BarkerMaker@dvyio · Designer / developer
Hi @zacdavies, I don't want to just repeat the conversation on Reddit, but I often just need the Underground status — not routing information. The Watch apps are similar, but the iPhone app is solely focused on providing status information, which means it loads much more quickly and doesn't require additional taps to get to the status information (which you need to do in Citymapper). Again, Citymapper is great, but competition is great too.