Tube Max

Movies, audiobooks and documentaries from Youtube

Find myself using Tube Max whenever I'm looking to discover a new video, documentary or to just learn something new (very often!). Love it.
Really glad you guys like Tube Max. Currently, Tube Max has about 40k downloads (all organic during the last 2 months). We built Tube Max mainly to make YouTubers watch long running videos easily. Also, one unknown set of videos in YouTube are audiobooks. There aren't any apps on the appstore that lets people easily listen to audiobooks on YouTube, Tube Max does that. If you have comments we would love to listen to them. Please let us know (
The newest update to Tube Max is in review right now. It is loaded with some new cool features like smart focussing for list player, improved search and interactive comments, to name a few. Hope you guys will enjoy it. Please feel free to let us know about the app here, or send us a email or drop a review on Appstore.