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Hi guys! Co-founder of Tube Alert here. I was hoping to get some feedback on this new thing we’ve been working on called Tube Alert. --Tube Alert's mission is to get YouTube fans engaged by rewarding them, as they deserve, and providing tools to YouTubers to help grow their channel. I built this product because I was sick and tired of not having my videos going out to all of my subscribers. YouTube just has some hiccups where it doesn't properly get my videos to my fans. It annoyed me seeing tweets and comments telling me "Why don't you upload anymore?" when I upload 1-3 videos a day... So, I finally gathered money I was making from YouTube and started creating Tube Alert. As I progressed in development, I thought, "Why don't we reward fans? Because of them I am making a living off YouTube." and BOOM! that's how the reward platform came into play. Recently, we've had our biggest update go live that completely redesigned and revamped the application -- we are very proud of this update. Update also consisted of a brand new store, which is completely bada** in my opinion. Oh, you also get notifications when you're favorite YouTubers upload a new :) If you use YouTube, then I highly suggest you download this Free app. I think you'll really enjoy the rewarding platform and how easy it is to keep up to date with your favorite YouTubers/videos. We have a lot of awesome things coming very soon :) Looking forward hearing from you all! Ask me anything!