A minimalist and distraction-free YouTube 🎬

YouTube with no rabbit hole. Only a search box and a player

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We are used to so much of funky and cool things. And when we see such minimalist thing we realise how overloaded the web has become.

Right tool if you want to use youtube in right way, this can be improved by better search and better flow , this the best tool for research


Help in office time , where you don't want to get lost in youtube suggested video,


Average UI and poor escape, this makes the user stick on to the fullscreen where there is no exit

Thanks for the super nice comments. I can add a back button, hah (The story is there used to be one, and now there isn't. But I'll add it back but in a nicer way than previously)
Interesting concept indeed. Part of what has led to the clutter on YouTube is advertising (space on pages reserved for ads, suggested videos so that Autoplay ads get another view when you click on them etc). How will you be able to monetise Tube as a platform without having ads encroaching on the visual space and ruining the minimalism?
@chrisskillicorn The honest truth: I might not. I posted it to HN yesterday, expecting a few people to be like "Oh, this is neat. Thanks!" like I normally get. Nope, got a great reception so figured I'd follow it to its conclusion and figure things out later. Also, I am not entirely sure what YouTube will and will not allow since they have pretty strict terms of service.
interesting idea
Hi! I made this so I would stop getting lost in the rabbit hole of YouTube, along with being more mindful of my consumption. I didn't want to spend all day in front of a screen if I wasn't getting things done. :) So I made Tube, which is purposefully basic and quite bland. I could still watch my videos or listen to music but not much more. I will add more to it but I am going to try to keep it simple without a lot of visual distraction. I'm fixing Tube on Twitch and maybe code some more, come chat with me! :)