Airbnb for fancy boats and yachts

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Anne de VriesMaker@devriesanne · Founder Tubbber
Hi Product Hunters, Tubbber was created by myself and Ron Spoelstra. Both of us already have successfully running companies that are connected with boating in one way or another and met through our mutual passion for sailing. On Tubbber boat owners can upload their boats, it doesn’t matter if you are a private owner or a professional charter company, Tubbber is there for every kind of boat. The main goal of Tubbber is to enable charterers and boat owners to rent boats, both technically and financially secured. We want to show that boating is fun, suits any holiday budget and is more exciting than staying in a hotel room. Please feel free to ask any questions, we are here to answer them!
Adam Greenwald@agreenwaldhq · Founder, Montclair Collective
How are you different from https://www.sailo.com/#eRCjCwvXx...?
Adam Greenwald@agreenwaldhq · Founder, Montclair Collective
Jesse de BoerMaker@jesse_de_boer · Product Manager @ Tubbber
@agreenwaldhq Thanks, good question! The difference between Boatbound and Tubbber is that Boatbound focusses only on America (at least for now). The difference from Sailo is that we offer every boat, from a small sloop next to your house to a mega yacht in Ibiza. If you want to rent a small boat on your trip to the Netherlands for under $15 dollar per day per person for example, we have it: https://www.tubbber.com/eng/boat... Also both platforms ask for a way higher commission. From what I know Boatbound is 5% - 35% for the owner and 10% for the renter. Sailo it's 14% - 29%. Tubbber ask just a commission of 3% from the owner and a service fee of 3% from the renter, no further cost at all!
Adam Greenwald@agreenwaldhq · Founder, Montclair Collective
@jesse_de_boer Got it. Thanks for pointing those differences out! How are you getting the word out about Tubbber? What are your marketing tactics?
Jesse de BoerMaker@jesse_de_boer · Product Manager @ Tubbber
@agreenwaldhq again, great question! We just started out with the marketing of our product to boat renters because we were first focussing on the boat owners. We try to build a community that loves to sail through our social pages (Instagram and Facebook) and our blog https://www.tubbber.com/blog/. To really find the renters we use search marketing and also social marketing platforms, both paid and organic, but as said before we are in the starting fase of selling our boats to renters.
Adam Greenwald@agreenwaldhq · Founder, Montclair Collective
@jesse_de_boer awesome, thanks again for the insight!
Bolak@seanbolak · Engineer / Entrepreneur
I think this has real potential, some of the prices seem a bit steep ( checked out rentals in Miami ). I feel like I could rent a yacht for the same price through a charter service.
Jesse de BoerMaker@jesse_de_boer · Product Manager @ Tubbber
@seanbolak thanks for the positive comment! We don't have a lot of boats in Miami yet, and the boats that we offer there a pretty big luxury boats with indeed a steep price. We hope to add new private and professional renters in Miami soon!
Chris Elliott@c_elliott_ · Founder/Cofounder, @ several companies
Site is looking good so far guys. I tried it for my area and seems to flow as well as Airbnb does. This is something that others have may have mentioned but having an option for pricing in dollars would be nice. Otherwise I liked it.
Jesse de BoerMaker@jesse_de_boer · Product Manager @ Tubbber
@c_elliott_ In the bottom left corner there are buttons for language and currency options. Thanks for pointing it out, we will test better placement of those buttons!
Alex Mishyn@amishyn · Product manager, Railsware
Cool idea, however too few options at least for Thailand