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Hey there! We are a group of “buspreneurs” attending a 72-hour hackathon.. on a bus riding from San Francisco to Boulder (CO)!! Here the prototype we are so proud to present to you! For the past 48 hours, our 5-person team has been building and iterating on a product called Tub. Tub integrates with “saved for later” content via tools like Pocket, Instapaper, YouTube’s watch-later feature, Chrome plugins, Twitter and more. Our research has shown that loads of people save content to enjoy later, but most of them never get around to it. We believe that there is time to consume the content you want, the problem is simply that your time is fragmented. By hooking into technologies such as Uber’s new TripExperiences API, Tub’s chatbot will deliver content based on mood and the amount of time available (such as the fragments of time when waiting for or taking an Uber). We’re also building an SMS delivery feature using Cisco’s Tropo API for users who want to interact with Tub using text. We’re pitching to TechStars in Boulder today, but hit us up with any questions at info@fillthetub.com! Follow us (and our crazy adventure) on Twitter and Facebook! www.facebook.com/intothetub www.twitter.com/FillTheTuB