Tsunami Blu

Securely share your WiFi and get paid by using your router

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What a great idea --- are there any major competitors ? I ask because I've never heard of something like this.
@samir_doshi I am glad you liked the idea. We're not aware of any direct competition in the US. There is a company called Wi-Share, based out of Canada but I believe they've pivoted to crowdsourced WiFi password sharing. There is Fon but I don't believe it could be considered AirBnb for your WiFi since it doesn't provide a way to replace your neighbor's router with separate, isolated WiFis, nor does it handle payments.
@ozzyd @samir_doshi yup, I think Fon may be the closest project to this. Looking forward to see where it's going! 😊
You can check out the video here:
@bentossell Ooh an explainer video - how 2014 ;) I definitely think wi-fi sharing is going to be the next 'sharing economy' application that we see, though
Love this idea! Especially for those living in dense areas like NYC and SF.
Great Idea, but i think that is better to add more info about wifi security. What if someone hacks a computer using these wify?
@marcogurnari Happy to hear that you've liked the idea Marco and also glad you brought up security because it's something I'm prepared and excited to talk about. :) Routers with stock and ISP firmwares (Comcast routers) are notoriously known for their lack of security. Tsunami Blu is built with OpenWRT, an open-source Linux distribution for routers that is actively maintained and known to be much more secure. On the sharing side, Tsunami Blu creates WiFis with their isolated networks (separate subnet) and encryption keys. WiFis and their subnets are behind firewalls and aren't accessible from each other. I can very comfortably say that a Tsunami Blu router will be much more secure than majority of the consumer grade routers on the market.
Love the idea, but I thought the terms-of-service for most US broadband providers (e.g., Comcast) prohibit this kind of monetized broadband connection-sharing. Thoughts?
@anchari We're operating with the motto "if you bought it, you own it, you can resell it." :) We also believe that our service could actually benefit ISPs. Instead of managing X number of customers averaging $50, if people shared their connections (and perhaps upgraded their connections - much like renting/buying a bigger place so you can AirBnb it), ISPs would be managing fewer than X customers and average greater than $50 per customer. Fewer installations/upgrades/cancellations to handle, less accounting work, fewer lines to maintain. We do however, expect some push back, as it happens with all things that challenge the status quo. As long as we prove to be of value to people, the world will adapt.