Wireframe, mockup and prototyping on your iPhone.

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Very confusing product - I spent half an hour trying to figure out what icons meant. Great idea, and would be very useful for a designer on the move - but needs a bit of a touch up in terms of a tutorial feature.
@hk_chic Hi Harris, thank you for your kindness! Surely your remarks will add to our roadmap. About tutorials, we are working on the best way to make the User understand all the features of our app.
@rafael0cardoso no worries!! Apologies if I sounded harsh - just was rather excited to use it 😄 all the best with the enhancements Rafael
Any plans for Android support?
@a_krasouski That's a great idea! In fact this is already planned over the next months.
WOW! What happiness to see you here. There has been an amazing journey since our first launch in February 2015. Tster is ideal to you who is on the road or needing to boost up productivity while outside your own workspace - you can have some stuff done sitting at a coffee shop, on the subway or waiting for your next flight at the airport. With Tster you can easily run tests using real assets, transitions and interactions at your own mobile device, without having to codify it or to upload screens. We believe that we can provide you a new experience on wireframe tools and prototyping. We want to be pocket tool, on-the-go. Whenever you need us, we'll be there. Features: > Unlimited projects and artboards > Design tools > iOS UI elements > Prototyping > Share project > Sketch App Plugin We’d love to hear your feedback. How was your first impression? What did you like/dislike? You have any problems or further questions, please feel free to contact. support@tsterapp.com Best, Rafael Cardoso
The App is a very confusing, I couldn't figure out how to make a simple tabbar app within a reasonable time so I removed it. Interaction design needs more work and so does copy in order for Tster to be usable. Looks promising tho but it will take time to get there.
@philipamour thanks for reaching out about this. And we keep working!
Really great idea. Clean design. But I also had trouble figuring out how to fully use the product... specifically: exiting an interface that you're editing, and creating a link / transition. Tried everything then gave up. I really wanted to use it more but just couldn't figure it out.