Augmented Reality Kiosk

Self-service AR fitting-room kiosk for jewelry retail

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Hi Product Hunters! Here is the next step of the product development - an Augmented Reality Kiosk allowing customers to browse, try on and order the jewelry in shopping malls, airports and other high-traffic commercial areas. The stand takes less than a square meter, relies only on WiFi connection and uses iPad as a main processing unit. The app is a specially modified version of the Shop 4 Rings app that we developed last year. Have a look at how it works here
Where did you get the Kiosk itself? not the Ipad powering it, or the software running the jewelry selection but the Kiosk that holds it for use
@activeemploy We designed the kiosk based on the most suitable angles for the app to shoot the photo, then made it from plastic. This is a prototype design, so customers can order a different appearance, color, and material of the kiosk.
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