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Travel decisions, simplified.

TryIndigo is a platform built for travelers around the world looking to make hassle-free travel plans. We help you choose your ideal destination by providing you with relevant data points like visas, weather, cost of living and a wide range of categories!
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In late 2018, I went fully remote and wanted to travel the world. Soon enough, I realized it was easier said than done, especially if you have an Indian passport. So I started building TryIndigo to solve my own problem - find accurate visa, weather, and budget information for countries I want to travel to. I planned to add a lot more features and also to launch on Product Hunt but eventually, the traveling and life itself caught up to me and I never got around to it. Fast forward to last week, I was stuck in the US with my visa expiring in a week and no information on where I could go to because the borders in India were closed. I had to scrounge the internet to figure out what my options were especially because my passport is _weak_ so last weekend, I decided to add this feature to TryIndigo and make it point to launch it on Product Hunt just in case someone else is in the same situation or just wants to make travel plans once things start opening up again. Pete and I have put a lot of time and effort into this project trying to make sure the information is accurate and updated and we'd love it if everyone would check it out and give us some feedback. Thanks!
Very slick and looking great.
Really helpful, hope to use it soon!
Nice, looks promising!
@nicholas_ottersbach Thanks Nick! Hope it helps you as you travel in the future