Try Boosted Boards

Ride the the lightweight electric longboard in SF

Hi PH community! I started this service to give more people the opportunity to try the Boosted Board. It's a thrilling ride and can revolutionize urban transportation for the better. I encourage everyone to try it out! As a special PH deal, if a specific time listed doesn't work for you, I'm happy to setup a special time just for you. Just comment here on PH with your interest. And a disclaimer: I don't work for Boosted Boards.
@_DanFriedman it's super cool you're doing this - especially since you don't have any affiliation with Boosted. (At first glance I thought, "Aha, this is a great from Boosted to promote their board. I'm glad they're doing this.") Please answer me this as an actual user/owner: Is this thing as awesome as I think it is? I'm a long boarder and the combo of a the Loaded board with amazing battery and motor technology (not to mention the space age power ring - shazaam!) seems incredible. I wish someone in Seattle was giving demo rides.
@markgustav Yes! The board is absolutely incredible. It's great for urban commutes because it goes fairly fast (up to 20MPH), has 6 miles in range and takes just 90 minutes to charge. I have recommended this board to nearly all my friends.
I've seen these things all over, and they look amazing! I want to try this!
This product is as close to magic as I've tried for a while. One of the founders was nice enough to lend me a board for a couple of days to try out, and I was immediately hooked. Great idea to let more people experience it and hopefully become customers.