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TrustServista an advanced AI platform that can determine the trustworthiness and origin of online news. Automatic analysis of article writing style, sentiment, context, factual entities, relationships, references, source and author veracity, generating an overall trustworthiness score. Available as a Web Dashboard, API and Chrome Extension.

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this will all depend on the criteria used to judge a news source. If it's just as biased and left leaning as MSM then what's the point? It's just another echo chamber building service which the social media giants are already mastering. If you're going to use extremely leftist organizations to judge content then you get the same result....more clones like CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, washington post, new york times, etc. We need an honest arbitrator.
@paisano Hi, we don't judge content by political leaning or any other subjective metric. We use text analytics to extract some valuable metrics from the content (and the context!) to let the user know if there are some red flags, such as: written in a clickbait style, no factual information in the text, no named author, no sources cited and so on. The final judgement over is always the user's. Did you try the extension? You can find more about our approach on our website:
I never trust something that tells me what to trust.
@jfourcher Hi Jordan. The TrustServista doesn't tell you what to trust, it helps you asses if an article is trustworthy or not. It will extract all information from a webpage and use text analytics algorithms to understand how the content is written, what sources it uses and so on. You can find more info about our approach on our blog:
Hi Matt, thank you for posting our TrustServista extension on ProductHunt!
Hi all, I am one of the makers of TrustServista. Our Chrome Extension is part of the TrustServista ( platform that uses advanced AI algorithms to determine the trustworthiness and origin of online stories. You can find out more about our approach on the TrustServista blog: Happy to answer any questions you might have!