Fraud and theft protection for cryptocurrency

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Trustroot is a blockchain protocol that verifies the identity and reputation of blockchain businesses to help you avoid scams and hacks.

Hackers are constantly looking for new ways to steal cryptocurrency, from altering wallet addresses, to impersonating social media accounts, to hijacking e-mail lists. Trustroot’s Chrome extension detects these attacks before they happen by letting you know you’re transacting with a business that’s fully vetted and verified. Quickly access information regarding a business’s incorporation, wallet addresses, reputation, and more in one place.

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    Product looks great. Very easy to install and get it working.

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Shayan Zadeh
Shayan ZadehMaker@shayang · CEO @ Trustroot
Hi everyone! We did a quick demo video to showcase some of the features of Trustroot - check it out if you want to learn more:
Alex Kaveh Senemar
Alex Kaveh SenemarMaker@kavehs1 · Founder, Trustroot
Hi everyone! We are excited to share Trustroot with the Product Hunt community. With the increasing number of scams happening in the crypto world, we felt that it was important for consumers to have tools for protecting themselves. We built Trustroot to help you verify the identity and reputation of a blockchain business before transacting with it. Please feel free to share your feedback and let us know how we can improve the product.
Samad Sam Nasserian
Samad Sam Nasserian@sam_nasserian
Amazing! Love it!
Ari Saif
Ari Saif@ourarash · Founder of Bitcoin CrazYness
Great idea. Specially with almost 50% failiure rate of ICO's, a 3rd party validation is much needed. Besides the validity of the business and certificate, it would be nice to add some sort of metric that rates the team behind the ICO, and perhaps its github activity.
Shayan Zadeh
Shayan ZadehMaker@shayang · CEO @ Trustroot
@ourarash You are exactly right, Ari! We are building a business profile for all blockchain projects and adding more data points as we go.
Ari Saif
Ari Saif@ourarash · Founder of Bitcoin CrazYness
@shayang it would be nice to provide an API besides the chrome extension so other apps and websites can use your service
Shayan Zadeh
Shayan ZadehMaker@shayang · CEO @ Trustroot
@ourarash this is why we built Trustroot as a protocol and not just a product. The certificate attestations are written to Ethereum blockchain with pointers to off-chain APIs that are open to public to get full info. The documentation for this off-chain portion is being worked on, but you can learn more about the protocol and get started now at The chrome extension is just a convenient interface layer if you will for the whole ecosystem and we are help to fully support anybody who wants to build on the protocol and our APIs. And better documentation coming soon :)