Friends and Family Lending Made Easy

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Hi everyone, First, thanks to @rrhoover for starting this great community! TrustLeaf helps small businesses raise money from friends and family using personal loans. We know from our own experience that asking friends and family for money is often awkward and complicated. Even after they say yes and you receive the money, you have to worry about exactly how to keep track of repaying it. Especially if you have multiple people lending you different amounts who want to be paid back at different times, this can be incredibly stressful. Any financial advisor will tell you to put your agreement in writing, but it can be confusing to put it together yourself, expensive to hire a lawyer, and stressful to structure and schedule repayment. We believe that the best people to loan you money for your small business are the people who believe in you most: your friends and family. We make that easy. Whether you’ve already asked for small business loans from friends and family or are just starting to think about it, TrustLeaf helps you organize your funding and present a professional looking proposal. We can also help formalize any verbal loan agreements you have from people who’ve already lent you money. You are already busy enough getting your business off the ground. Let us give you one less thing to worry about. We would love to hear your feedback, try out the product and send me email at Thank you!
@ansonlyx I love it. Would love to meet up and talk about it as I've been following the space for quite a while.
Thanks @stefanobernardi I have emailed you to coordinate.
Please vote for TrustLeaf for the Win30s competition: Thanks!