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Trust & Will is modernizing the $170B estate planning industry with an easy, fast, and secure way to set up your estate plan online. By unbundling the estate plan, we have built an approachable, affordable, and upgradable platform to help customers take steps into estate planning based on their unique life situation.

Andrew Redden
Joshua Sturgeon
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  • Pros: 

    Easy to use, forward thinking interface. Revolutionizing a space traditionally caught in the stone age.


    Still have to sign physical paper at the end of the online portion.

    Love the product, love that they can even handle future tech like Cryptos, and the design is super intuitive/easy to use.

    Trevor McGraw has used this product for one year.
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Cody Barbo
Cody BarboMakerPro@codybarbo
Hey Product Hunt! Cody here, founder of Trust & Will, and it's an honor to share our project with you! As most of our team is going through major life events for the first time — marriage, kids, buying a home (aka 'adulting') — we discovered that these are the inciting incidents for people to start thinking about estate planning. Yet half of all US adults have still not started the process... WHY? Because estate planning is often times expensive, time-consuming, and antiquated. We decided it was time for a change! We’ve approached estate planning with a design-first approach, layered on top of incredible customer support to help people throughout the process — making estate planning simple, affordable, & accessible. We are currently live nationwide with three different products: (1) Guardian — for parents with minor children (2) Will-Based Estate Plan (3) Trust-Based Estate Plan Each of our plans includes complimentary shipping and supporting documents too — Living Will, HIPAA Authorization, and Power of Attorney. We are SO proud of the amazing platform we have built, and can't wait to change the lives of millions of more Americans as they take the next steps in leaving their legacy. And finally, please reach out to us with any questions or feedback on making Trust & Will the best estate planning platform on the market. Party on Wayne! Cody Barbo Founder & CEO Cheers to many more good years ahead of us!
Kai Gradert
Kai GradertPro@kaigradert · Designer at AngelList/Product Hunt
I need to do this. This has been on my to-do list for at least a few years (hangs head in shame.)
Daniel Goldstein
Daniel GoldsteinMaker@goldstein222 · Founder @ Trust & Will
@kaigradert You're not alone! Most people put this off for a long time! We are here to help :)
Kai Gradert
Kai GradertPro@kaigradert · Designer at AngelList/Product Hunt
@goldstein222 I am signed up and paid up, so I am more committed than I was an hour ago :-) Quick product feedback, allow people to skip selected steps in the on-boarding. Some steps require more discussion and consideration with your partner.
Daniel Goldstein
Daniel GoldsteinMaker@goldstein222 · Founder @ Trust & Will
@kaigradert Woohoo! We are honored to have you as a customer. Also, great feedback! Individual question progress tracking is in our near term roadmap, which enables us to call or flag exactly what's unanswered to seamlessly surface the unanswered questions within the UI. This can allow a "answer later" option on any question without the user having to find the unanswered questions later.