Trust Activity

🚀 Improve Website Conversions Easily

Trust Activity provides real-time customer interaction messages on your e-commerce shop or website to boost customer engagement and sales.

Let your existing customers sell for you!

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Wow impressive product and 4 upvotes on product hunt. Looks like you guys are off to a great start...
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Lol your company name is Trust Activity... and your main benefit is that you can Fake notifications 😂 what a joke.
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Many similar services are already on the market. I will write about TrustActivity's benefits only: 1. Fake notifications. If you have not visited website - Trust Activity notification module will help you increase conversions. You can adjust from which cities and for how long did somebody made an action on your website. We know that it is not fair for customers, but it is like a lifebuoy for small business owners. 2. Great Partner's cabinet. If you are a marketing agency or web developer - you can be a Partner of TrustActivity and earn 20% from all affiliate sales. That is not all. You will have an access to log in under your affiliate accounts to help make adjustments and control all actions. Like Google Adwords Partner's cabinet. 3. Much cheaper pricing. Just check them and you will find big difference. 4. We are ready for collaboration. If you want any new adjustments or features - just write to us and we will develop them for you! 5. Bonus code for testing only for ProductHunt visitors, use it when sign up. "PH2019" P/S We are developing new modules for Trust Activity right now - Jump Outs and Emails. Stay tuned, many news to come soon!
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A very attractive startup idea that really deserves attention. Excellent service and a very useful idea, I believe that this project will develop very quickly and rapidly. I wish you success and prosperity!
I want to say that this idea really deserves the attention of a wide audience. After all, it is not just very useful, but also necessary in some cases. It is also really a very useful company that can seriously help many people. It is this organization that I want to wish great success, prosperity and development. I believe that the company will achieve this quickly.