Provides frictionless authentication from app. #NoPassword

"The fundamental problem with the Internet is that you don’t know who is on the other end. For this reason, Trusona identity proofs Internet users to become TruUsers.

Then, on every use of Trusona, user's dynamic credentials and our patent pending anti-replay runs behind the scenes to ensure the user is who they say they are."

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How does this differ from other similar apps out there?
@jacqvon Not sure which similar apps you are referring to but maybe by explaining what Trusona is and what Trusona isn't will help in understanding how we differ from other apps. Let's start with what Trusona isn't. Trusona is not a password manager where you store all your passwords in one place and then use that to login to your accounts online. There are many password manager apps but ultimately doesn't solve the problem of passwords. Now for what Trusona does do. Trusona provides a solution to organizations that would like to offer their customers a password-less login experience by placing Trusona's SDK in their app. The Trusona app exists for two purposes, to demonstrate what a no password login looks like and to be used by organizations who do not have an app but would still like to offer their customers a no password login experience.
This is genius!
Since it looks like each new phone would mean a new account registration. What would you do if someone lost their phone? How would you validate if they were an existing user so that they won't lose their old data?
@tieujustin It will be up to the organizations who uses Trusona's SDK to determine how they will do account recovery. With the Trusona app you can recover your account on a new device by downloading the app, select Already have Trusona, and follow the steps of account recovery.