Track satellites to reduce space debris

TruSat is an open-source citizen science platform for satellite tracking. It helps you spot satellites in the sky, to crowdsource an independent, decentralized record of satellite behavior.
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Hi friends, Our team started TruSat to help diversify, democratize, and decentralize space endeavors. This is a volunteer-led, open-source, non-profit project. We're looking for help to spread the word, so we'd really appreciate your upvote. Why does the planet need TruSat?... In the next decade, the # of satellites in orbit will multiply by 2,500%, increasing the risk of collisions and debris that could trap humans on Earth. The only way to incentivize satellite operators to reduce these risks is through a data source for satellite behavior that everyone can trust to be transparent, objective, and tamper-proof. TruSat provides this data source. TruSat helps you spot satellites from your backyard and submit your observations to update the citizen-powered catalog of satellite positions. This transparent record creates accountability for responsible behavior. Thanks! Mike Github: White paper: