Zipperless luggage with GPS + battery + scale

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Holy cow this is cool! Love the "sliding door" entry, really wonder if Airport Security will break this though. Furthermore it has a build-in scale, Removable battery + USB charger and GPS for when you loose it ;) Maybe @thegreatgasty can answer some Q's!
@bramk would be happy to! thanks for the post :)
@thegreatgasty super neat concept. How have you tested the prototype so far? Has it been through security in the US and abroad? I'd be curious if the TSA has any issues with the hard slide away design. Also, can you share how it compares when it comes to normal bags and how resilient it is to bouncing around cargo areas, etc?
@srcasm Thanks again Jesse, we're happy to hear other people think it's cool other than our moms! I was so frustrated trying to access things quickly out of my bag, I knew there had to be a better way. To your questions: - yes we've tested and flown with the prototype - it's a dream :) no problems with security - just think you have all the same tech on you already (li-ion battery in your laptop, gps in your phone, etc) - TSA hasn't expressed any concern with design - and I can't imagine they will as it's easier to access for security checks than zippered bags! - in comparison to other bags, I suppose it has its ups and downs as can be expected of an alternative design. this is the perfect bag for the minimalist who doesn't normally overpack and likes quick access to his/her belongings. the rolltop door is made to withstand the weight of other bags stacked on top and the normal brutalities of bag handling. in short, we won't stop testing the hundred thousand dollar molds until they're made to withstand the realities of traveling!
Always great to see another entry to the "connected luggage" space. Would love to hear what really differentiates Trunkster from, say, BlueSmart.
@PE_Feeds for sure, Summet - seems like it's all the rage. And it should be - luggage innovation has been stagnant since the introduction of wheels in the 60s. And it's a massive $31B industry! We're fans of those guys over at BS (they're actually fellow Argentine friends!) and would say the #1 difference is we solve a complex industrial design problem with our sliding door that allows quicker access in constricted spaces in addition to adding smart features, like battery, scale, gps.
@thegreatgasty I'm trying to think of a good sliding door pun right now. I know you both will do extremely well, and there's another player looking to enter your market that I've seen recently. Good luck!!
@PE_Feeds you can slide our door open any time you want ;) thanks, appreciate the good vibes!
Gaston, love the concept and have a few concerns. 1) will the sliding door end up taking valuable real estate if it is tucking into the bottom of suitcase? 2) Do you lose the ability to have pockets and other segmenting flaps? 3) Where does one put a laptop?
@haroon Thanks Haroon. To your questions: 1) the door actually slides flatly into the back of the bag - this in unison with the side-to-side handle gives you lovely uninterrupted packing space. 2) we like to think of Trunkster as "zipperless AND flapless" - so yea it's actually for people who get annoyed with all the superfluous flaps, pockets, etc that come in today's luggage. We also find that the flat packing space gives flexibility in adapting your packing for each trip. We've also thought of introducing a system of minimalist shelves / separators. 3) You can lay your laptop flat in the case, if packing your gadgets into your carry-on is your thing. We didn't design Trunkster with a specific space for a laptop for many reasons but chiefly - you're wasting valuable space for msot people who don't pack their laptop in their carry-on. We find many, if not most (including us), pack their electronics in a dedicated bag, like a briefcase, backpack, or purse - this is the one you take with you in your seat on the plane and easily pull out all your gadgets. Cheers!
I just bought new luggage and although this looks cool it's hard to justify against a 3-piece Samsonite set at Costco for $149 (big, medium, and carry-on). Maybe I'm just a cheapo Luddite because I can't imagine hauling around extra weight for a battery just in case I need to recharge some device.
@sanjay hey that's logical, Sanjay. Like any billion dollar market, it's got a whole pyramid of price points for different consumer needs. Macs are full of bells and whistles and while most in the tech community are happy to shell out thousands of $ for macs, there's still billions in sales of cheaper alternatives. Trunkster, like any other smart product, appeals to consumers who pay a premium for features, in this case the rolltop door, USB charging, integrated digital scale, and location tracking. Cheers
@thegreatgasty great points and you're exactly right. A gazillion dollar McLaren is in the end just a car but people buy that and (back in the day) they bought Yugo's too. It might help to put a project empty weight point for your bags since we've found that is a critical decision spec for us now given the weight restrictions with the airlines (if it's on the site, I missed it - sorry!). Regardless good luck - you've got other competition in the same space but I still can't wrap my head around it even though these are all clearly selling quite well.
@sanjay I believe it said 8lbs but they are working on getting this down.
Incredibly interesting. Love the idea of adding shelving inside it. The old Louis Vuitton steamer trunks were unbelievable and would love to see something like that in modern times!
@rje7 thanks Ricky. Shelves or some form of compartmentalization are on our radar. We've played with a few designs and think we'll land on something useful. We love those old trunks! Happy to see people them making a comeback.