See which tweets Donald Trump personally wrote

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Interesting. So how do you guys tell the difference?
@ramanshalupau we detect whether it was posted from an android phone which he uses (seems to be a galaxy s3 or s4), or whether it was done using any other device.
@benedictslaney You think that's reliable?
@davnn only as reliable as Trump not upgrading his phone! but for now it is
It's nice to know who you're talking to, and that includes Twitter. When Donald Trump tweets his tweets are often emotionally charged, and those tend to be the tweets that are really by him. The more promotionally oriented tweets tend to by by his staff. Considering his tweets are powerful enough to affect the stock market, or even start a war, it's good to know who's behind them. This website removes all speculation so you can see whose words you're really reading.
@benedictslaney You are aware that his staff just dictate his tweets right? There was an article where he said when he doesn't write the tweet himself, he yells what he wants tweeted and they tweet it.
@stephenmarklevi yes, I read that. But if you read through his tweets and his staffs tweets on the site, the difference is night and day. I'd trust that over the story.