Trump emoji keyboard

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How is this not top 10?
I built a great emoji keyboard – nobody builds emoji keyboards better than me, believe me.. It’s a terrific app that works on all iPhones iOS 9+. Mark my words.
This is pretty appropriate. Ideocracy in action... ?
Trumpojis are the worst thing that’s ever happened to ISIS. Believe me.
Enabling full access prompts my iPhone to warn that the developer would then gain access to everything typed on my phone including sensitive data. Does this not bother anyone else?
@brian_rountree I'm pretty sure all third party keyboards require full access, but that's a reason I've been wary to use any so far
Full access only pertains to our keyboard -- so anything you type with the standard iOS keyboard won't be tracked or stored by us. In addition to this, within our keyboard, we don't store or track any data (using either the emojis or keyboard). The main reason you're seeing this message is because we use the "copy & paste" functionality on iOS, which requires full access. Unfortunately Apple set this function up in a strange way and is a recurring issue. All of the 3rd party emoji apps require the same permissions (kimoji, bitmoji, gif keyboard, etc)... so I'd be willing to bet that they will separate this copy feature from the "full access" extension module in the near future. @brian_rountree