Boycott Donald Trump and his business ventures

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How is this a product? Are we seriously accepting HTML bullet lists as products now?
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@vandanic #makeHTMLbulletlistsgreatagain.
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IMO, Product Hunt is better when political preferences aren't products. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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I agree with Danic but I'll happily upvote anything boycotting all things Trump.
@shakenbake1980 you do realize that stuff like this just serves as more free publicity for the guy right? I'd rather Trump not continue to invade ProductHunt
@kay0stheory I do but I also don't believe the old adage always applies.
@shakenbake1980 old adage? This is just preaching to the choir and polluting the producthunt feed
@kay0stheory @shakenbake1980 This. All you do is feed the beast. If we jus stopped mentioning him on the internet I am convinced he would shrivel up and disappear.
Oh boy, americans gone mad about Trump.
How to boycott all things trump: 1) read product/hotel name 2) make sure it doesn't have "trump" in it 3) profit