Trump Yourself

Figure out the things Donald Trump has said about you

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"and then you'll be added as a maker on Product Hunt"
@rrhoover You'll be opted-in to Hillary For America Emails. Paid for by Hillary for America. WHY CAN'T I MEME IN PEACE.
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@rrhoover Hilary, connecting with the youths
@bitandbang @rrhoover That's exactly what happened -- I was so curious after receiving the email from Product Hunt so I tried the app, and a few moments later I get an email from Hillary for America thanking me and to ask my friends to join. Nothing about the Trump Yourself app at all, it just assumes I'm joining the campaign. Now I'm on the mailing list that I didn't sign up for -- sudo opt-in because the app wouldn't let me remove the permission of giving my email address and now no opt-out -- no unsubscribe or way to delete my account hah :) Screenshot of the email: Screenshot of the account:
It's going to be HUGE
@evan_besser It's spelled YUGE! (in all-caps, too)
Go Trump Yourself
The very best words! The greatest pictures! Making the Interwebs great again! #TrumpYourself