Trump Tweets

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Eric Seufert
Editor, Mobile Dev Memo
EDIT: Looks like write access got suspended by Twitter. That was fast! The tweet generator still works, but for the time being (I am working on it!), Tweets aren't being posted. I'm really entertained by the pithy, condescending, and uniquely-worded insult tweets that Trump machine-guns whenever he's in a feud with someone else. I created this simple web app to randomly generate similar tweets so everyone can experience the exhilarating pain of a YUUUUGE Trump burn. Log in with Twitter, have a tweet generated for you, and post it to the @trump_tweets account.
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Harry Stebbings
Podcast Host @ The Twenty Minute VC
absolutely love this!
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Ashish Walia
Co-founder, LawTrades #500Strong
rofl this is hilarious
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Writes and makes and loves ideas.
Josh Groban sings Donald Trump tweets:
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