Trump That!

Make Trump memes on iOS!

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Remember when product hunt was more than just Trump meme generators?
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@trillcyborg I agree. Congrats to developing it but there are so many more worthy startups that should be getting featured here on PH. The first 2 or 3 trump things were fine but it's getting out of hand. Lets work on quality here PH. All these are the same lol.
@cmwilson15 @trillcyborg Yeah, like those 8 weeks it was nothing but Pokemon products? :) Honestly, I only see something like this that actually lands in frontpage territory every so often. Makes sense that they would though - he's completely dominated all forms of media.
Waste of human time, things like this don't help anyone. The author is following the crowd ruining people on both sides of the fence. This is not the way to do it, to bring change. Although I don't fault the author, please don't stoke the fire.
@androidlove Oh, lighten up. Not every product has to solve a humanitarian or productive need. Some stuff can be goofy or fun.
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@androidlove Copying my response from the other iOS version that I'm a creator on. Even as the creator, I somewhat agree. This app certainly isn't helping the world in any way, but it was a fun weekend project for us to build. We were able to work with APIs we had never utilized before, gain some more experience, learn how to support an app with rapid growth and poke a little bit of fun at the current political state.
@androidlove How do I downvote?
This is my new favorite thing πŸ˜…
Sebastian beat us to the punch when it came to an iOS version of Trump Draws. Can't wait to try it out when apple releases the new update. Great work on the app otherwise! I've now realized most of the stuff I hunt is Trump related. Mark of the times πŸ˜†
@danielsing3r Thanks for hunting the app Daniel πŸ˜„ I'm happy to hear you like it! This was just something funny I cranked over the weekend, so there will definitely be a bunch of new improvements coming soon πŸ—½
πŸ˜† Trump That!! πŸ˜†now whenever I find anyone making illogical judgements and fake promises, I'm gonna tell him, Bloody, he Trumps That!! πŸ˜†