Prank call friends as Trump or Hillary, hear their response

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Thanks for Hunting Plappert! Just wanted to stop by and say hello. I hope you enjoy Trump Rolling your friends. If you get someone good, please share with @trumprolled on twitter. Also, if you are interested in how this was made, please check out:
@tom_pytleski @trumprolled Hi Tom, I'm wondering who pays for the call?
@yinkaadepoju_ @trumprolled I put 100 dollars on the account, once it is gone it is gone.
@tom_pytleski @yinkaadepoju_ @trumprolled Hilarious Idea. Any idea if the funds are depleted yet?
@ashwn @yinkaadepoju_ @trumprolled Nope, still have like 65 left. Something wrong?
anytime dude! my little brothers response is classicccccc
@steven_plappert LOL, that is quite the insult.
@xcadaverx hahaha yea I was cracking up
Try using recordings of Trump or HIllary's real voice.
I recommend doing this while you are standing in line with your friends to vote. Call one of them and watch. then call them again. Enjoy
Lovely GIF 😊
@nivo0o0 thanks dude! I don't know if I chose it because Grumpy Cat would make a better president or if it sums up how I feel about this election.