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Integrating this into Product Hunt right now.
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@rrhoover damn I upvoted your comment... if only it was already implemented
mind. blown.
Credit to @MattNavarra for the GIF 🔑
@nivo0o0 @mattnavarra Awesome, thanks! I wish I could add it to the Chrome Web Store!
@picsoung as though I needed a reason to love you more. This is excellent.
Hi everyone, Thanks @picsoung for the hunt! This extension is a quick hack of the new Facebook Reactions. The idea came from this tweet: https://twitter.com/hunterschwar.... I knew it HAD to be done ☺️ I'll make it open source as soon as possible, to let everyone customize with its favorite characters. The extension is super light, with less than 50 lines of code. Actually selecting and formatting the images took me more time (there are too many pictures of Trump out there, the choices were hard!). Enjoy! 😇
@fgrante @picsoung can't wait for the open source version! Such a great idea.
*obligatory* Yes, we're going to make reactions great again!