Trump Reactions

Replace new Facebook reactions with Trump 😮

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François Grante
@fgrante · Products builder, founder of Hunter
Here is how to make your own: https://francoisgrante.com/artic...
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Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Integrating this into Product Hunt right now.
Niv Dror
@nivo0o0 · Writer/Social Editor @ProductHunt
Credit to @MattNavarra for the GIF 🔑 http://i.giphy.com/3o7abqQyjG37I...
@grahammcbain · Evangelist, Galvanize
@picsoung as though I needed a reason to love you more. This is excellent.
François Grante
@fgrante · Products builder, founder of Hunter
Hi everyone, Thanks @picsoung for the hunt! This extension is a quick hack of the new Facebook Reactions. The idea came from this tweet: https://twitter.com/hunterschwar.... I knew it HAD to be done ☺️ I'll make it open source as soon as possible, to let everyone customize with its favorite characters. The extension is super light, with less than 50 lines … See more
Roger Huang
@rogerh1991 · Build all the things.
*obligatory* Yes, we're going to make reactions great again!