Trump Heads

Animated iMessage Stickers: Comedy Ensues... OMG... LMAO!

Good timing... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@nivo0o0 Indeed. Just got it approved a day ahead of the inauguration :) .
I decided to build this because I think it can help lighten the mood for all of us. We got Trump for 4 years... so lets have some fun with over 25 Trump Heads Animated Stickers for iMessage. Add some moving Trump Stickers to your conversations on iMessage and have a good laugh. Hand crafted for maximum comic relief. Whether you are a fan of Trump or not; these will brighten your day.
@rumford I doubt we have him for 4 years :) But I did purchase - I love anything that makes me laugh at him instead of cry.
@jesse_wallace Thanks! He will always be giving us comedic material. New stickers being developed continually. We all need to laugh and not cry. :)