Trump Filter

Chrome extension that removes Donald Trump from the internet

#5 Product of the WeekDecember 25, 2015



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Jacob Rogelberg@jacobrogelberg · Interaction Designer
No matter who you agree with, it's ALWAYS good to hear both sides. You're not better off by being ignorant.
Perzer@daperzer · Co-Founder & CEO of MyFab5
@jacobrogelberg Trump is a racist and constantly lies. If you actually believe that it's good for me to see his lies about Muslims then it's also good for you to watch every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's ALWAYS good to watch the shows that your fellow citizens are watching.
Michael Sitver@msitver · I build things
@jacobrogelberg As a Republican, let me say I'm OK with this plugin, and I've been expecting this for a while. First of all, it's better for our party if Trump receives as little attention as possible. Second, anyone using this plugin has already ruled out Trump as a candidate. My only concern is that it might filter out legitimate news which mentions Trump. The best plugin of this sort would simply replace Trump's name with a different funny epithet (i.e guy with spongebob on his head). I'm all for hearing other opinions (I recently spent an hour with Nancy Pelosi), but I'm OK with this existing.
Jordan Melnick@beachedmiami · CEO & Founder, Sktchy 😎 Miami native
@jacobrogelberg in addition to @daperzer great point, I'll add that "both sides" suggests a false equivalency. The Dems are far from perfect -- tragically far -- but the Republican Party (distinct from Republican voters themselves) is a shameful and even dangerous institution at this point. Its leading nominee is a racist xenophobic bottom feeder and I will happily banish him from my Internet experience in lieu of being able to banish him from the planet.
Louis Magnotti@louismagnotti · I create things.
@msitver #bragging
Jacob Rogelberg@jacobrogelberg · Interaction Designer
@daperzer @jacobrogelberg If you had your Trump filter on you wouldn't know that would you? All I'm saying is don't put your head in the sand. Ignorance is not the answer--it's actually the opposite. If you want to change something, you must first be informed.
Mark Wyner@markwyner · UX/UI Designer, Mark Wyner LLC
@jacobrogelberg It is typically good to hear both sides. And being ignorant doesn't help. You're good with these points. But once someone has proven himself a racist, misogynistic, bigoted, xenophobe — with his very own words and actions — I think it's safe to say you can move on from any sort of investigation. This product enables those of us who are compassionate and intellectual, not ignorant, to avoid the current bombardment of the sickening feeling of this man's face/voice in the media. I would say that has nothing to do with ignorance, and everything to do with a mindful decision that has been well founded. Having made up one's mind does not make one ignorant.
Vamshi Palreddy@vamshi29292
@msitver @jacobrogelberg Such plugin already exists. "Make Donald Drumpf Again" chrome plugin replaces all instances of Trump to Drumpf. The good folks at Last Week Tonight made it.
Ross Peterson@rosscpeterson · Mobile Applications Developer
@daperzer @jacobrogelberg Food for thought: Does loving your neighbor and your enemies imply listening to them? Full personal disclosure: Crazy as they might be, I can't help but think it does. If what they say isn't true or right (i.e., speech like Trump's typically fails on both counts), then don't accept it. If I had to contribute anything toward addressing the problems that Trump exacerbates: I understand the feeling behind tools like these kinds of tools (honestly, I'd like to avoid everything Trump says too), so I think you and most people here would appreciate a voice/message that has both clarity (truth) AND charity (compassion/love) when it comes to Muslims.
John Alexander@johnalxndr · Growth @ shoflo
just need one for Hilary :)
Kate@katesegrin · Community + Product @ Product Hunt
Trump knows the power of people talking about you, good or bad. Take that power away from him by using this extension.
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ Product Hunt
I wish this worked IRL. My fam keeps mentioning trump at 🎄 to troll me
Tom MasieroHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
@mscccc Sounds like your family loves you!
billy smartt@bsmartt13 · Detection engineer @ CrowdStrike
make the internet great again