Trump Cards

Collect all of the candidates in this year's election

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Developer here. Happy to answer any questions. Not many games can say they have something as cool as Rainbow Trump
Honestly wasn't much of a fan of the onboarding... I always skip tutorials and signups if I can... got to the main page and thought so, what now? is it a game? where/what do I play?
@bentossell fair enough. Did you see that everything was skippable? "Get started" -> "Skip" -> "Skip Tutorial". Granted, that's 3 clicks to be fully done with the 'tutorials', and the skips aren't super obvious
@austinhallock yeh they weren't really obvious but I did skip all the tutorials and sign up... but then when I was at the homepage I didnt know what I was supposed to do
@austinhallock @bentossell I do agree with Ben. I was super excited by the idea - then had to just quit before checking it all out. I would wait till later to get someone to login. Looks promising though
@bentossell Hmm, I'm guessing you tried out Famous. Did you know what to do in that? I think they force you to do the onboard tutorial though. Trying to figure out where exactly we could improve it - but the tutorial is definitely there so you don't end up on the homepage not knowing what to do, so sounds like it's not great ;)
@austinhallock yeh I knew what to do there because so many people had been talking about it haha. I just never like doing tutorials to be honest and I know a lot of other people skip them too... I still dont know whether its a physical card game or an android app card game or what... I was on the homepage and thought, where is the button to 'play' the game. Just felt a bit lost